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To empower and motivate all people to an improved quality of life through medical nutrition, counseling, teaching and professional medical guidance.

Our motto…’s not a diet…it’s a lifestyle change!

We strongly believe that optimum health is a holistic principle and we incorporate diet and nutrition in helping you cope better with medical problems. We account for drug and nutrient interactions and develop a personalized plan for each individual since we do not believe that one diet fits all.

At Doctor Diet , we understand that all aspects of our lives are intertwined. While staying healthy and physically fit is not the only source of happiness we hold, it is an integral part by which all other aspects are directly affected. As some of us know, when our health is at stake, nothing in life is more important. In striving to live a long and healthy life, a life where we achieve our goals, serve our families and loved ones, and those who are in need, we must first learn to care for ourselves. Doctor Diet is a place where you can become educated and motivated to make the right choices surrounding diet and exercise that will help you maintain your own good health, or improve your unique situation.

Whether you are nine or ninety years old, we are about helping you improve--at any size. We will measure your success by your improved lifestyle habits--and do not judge you by your weight. We are seeking answers to questions like—
Do you have more energy?
Are you more confident while making food choices?
Has your cholesterol improved?
Is your blood sugar in better control?

While there is no one right size for everyone, neither is there a chart or set of guidelines that appropriately evaluates everyone--when you improve your habits, weight loss often results. If that is the case, and it is something you were seeking--congratulations! But if not, you will undoubtedly experience many other benefits due to your efforts.

Doctor Diet aims to provide personalized nutrition therapy to improve or maintain your good health, or enhance your physical and mental performance. A registered dietician is the most qualified and appropriately trained nutritionist-expert to take into account your entire medical history and create a personalized plan with you. Medical nutrition therapy is usually completed over a series of appointments.