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Dr Bela Sharma, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, FMRI
"Tina Sapra works with our medical team on countless complex patients including diabetics, heart failure, kidney disease, hypertension, and obese patients. In our clinic, I have made numerous referrals to Tina. She assesses the nutritional needs of each individual and develops and implements a personalized dietary plan of action. People really listen to her nutrition advice, they love her approach, and most importantly, her expertise really gets results! I highly recommend Tina as a resource to help the practice of any RN, NP, or MD who sees these types of patients and is seeking the expertise of a nutritionist or registered dietician."

Dr Amit Rana, MD
"Tina Sapra is an outstanding registered dietician. I have had the good fortune to work with her in a professional setting for a number of years and am continually impressed with her nutrition practice. Tina is knowledgeable, compassionate and takes a unique "whole person" approach with each of her patients. I refer my students and patients to Doctor Diet Nutrition Clinic, knowing that they will get the best nutrition counselling and advice from a great dietician."

FMRI Gurgaon
"Tina does an excellent job communicating with families what they need to know. She is a no-nonsense nutritionist-- accurate, and loving at the same time. We have seen great results with the groups she has worked with. Both children and parents leave her office feeling empowered and motivated." "Tina is an excellent registered dietician. She is committed to empowering others through nutrition education, so that they can make changes to improve their health. Her compassion is evident; her sound, thorough nutrition counselling has helped countless clients make positive changes in their lives."